We all know the importance of EDUCATION. It plays a very important role in our personal
development and in the development of our surroundings as well as our city. Education is the
process of facilitating learning or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits etc.

Because the literacy rate is very low, many of Mumbra’s youth are jobless. To earn money many are street vendors or rickshaw drivers which creates jams on roads and other problems. These jobs do not give them good earnings.

Government schools are good for every child to get well educated but the cause of lack of facilities and bad image of public schools peoples don’t prefer public schools and those who can’t afford private schools fees don’t go to schools.


We have been volunteering with Parcham taking books to Sri Lanka, Shankar Mandir, Shimla Park, Royal Garden, Jubilee Park, and other neighborhoods to get children interested in reading. We also have many girls from TMC schools coming for the football program who are required to join the Parcham library.

We have observed that even students in the 5th std and sometimes upto 9th std are not able to read or write. They are not able to do sums.

Most children in the online classes, do not have smartphones at home. If one child is using it, the brother or sister cannot attend class. They are finding it difficult to buy net packs.

Before the pandemic, when children went to school, they had the following complaints.
a. Teachers punish children and beat them, sometimes with sticks. (TMC School)
b. Many times, there is no teacher in class (TMC School)
c. They are not allowed to use the computer (All schools)
d. School does not have library (All schools)


  1. There should be a survey to better understand the education status of Mumbra (no. of
    educated people and their qualification, no. of students going to schools and out of school,
  2. Social awareness campaigns to send children to school. More Screens like the one near Kabrastan which gives messages on padhega mumbra to badhega mumbra.
  3. Public Schools should not have English as a subject only but as a medium
  4. Schools must call the parents to ask why their child is absent.
  5. Proper classrooms, benches, drinking water facilities, etc. must be provided
  6. Schools must have health checkup for students
  7. Surprise inspection of schools to check how children are being taught.
  8. There should be a public library for children who want to study but live in a small house.
  9. There should be a study and guidance centre for students to help prepare for entrance tests -CET, JEE, NEET, etc.
A BMC study center and library in Govandi

Follow the Delhi Model of public schools for Mumbra. Let us make the education system so
strong that the students will choose good careers and make everyone proud of Mumbra.

We need to get out of the bad situation and move towards developing our city with a good
the education system, good public schools with all facilities, proper management of schools, social awareness campaigns, awareness about girls education.


About Authors

My name is Fatima but i can say that I am kind of ready to help someone type of person. I feel proud that I am a member of the Parcham lovely goals are like phoenix .they rise back stronger from ashes.

I am Ansari Mantasha
I am a student, currently, I am financial marketing first year. I am playing football with Parcham and volunteering in Parcham and I am also practicing to become a coach.

Myself Ayaan Shaikh. I am a science student from AKJC,
Always ready to learn new skills and to increase my acquaintance in every possible thing and I have recently joined UROOJ.



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