Poor sanitation can sometimes be the initial domino that starts a cascading wave of other problems. In the case of our Beloved Mumbra, poor sanitation has created an unhygienic environment and a variety of widespread health problems.


  1. Open Nallahs in which people throw their garbage
  2. People throw Garbage everywhere
  3. The market place is cleaned every morning but it becomes dirty by afternoon.

  Nallah near Bilal Hospital


  1. Cover the open nallahs with a wire mesh and clean regularly. 
  2. Road sweeping and picking garbage should be done twice a day by the TMC.
  3. Install cemented dustbins. Since no proper dustbins are installed, people are throwing garbage on roads. Especially near markets.
  4. Engagement of municipal officers with hawkers association. If there is garbage near their hawking area they should get fined. All shopkeepers and vendors should have a dustbin.
  5. Awareness Campaign like TV screening about sanitation should be displayed to explain why sanitation is really important in daily life.
  6. Environment education and importance of a clean neighbourhood and roads should be taught in all schools.

We want Mumbra to be at number one in “SWACHH SARVEKSHAN.”

Toilets for Everyone

From Shil Phata to Mumbra Station, there is only one public toilet near the police station, near Bethesda Church and one near the station. The toilet at MM Valley is locked. Near MM Valley, the workers are going to the Fatima bi Savitri bai ground for open defecation. We request more public toilets, especially near the market areas and construction sites.

About Authors

I’m Farhat Khan, I’ve been working with Parcham since 2021. I’m an animal rescuer because every animal deserves a home.
Also, I’m a great graphic novel nerd.

Hello, I am Juveriya shaikh studying in SYJC. I am in Parcham since 2019 . I am a football player and simultaneously applying for D licensed football coach too


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