It all started when a few girl students from Government College of Udupi in Karnataka started wearing Hijab in the College.

The administration of the college restricted them from wearing Hijab inside the college premises, However according to girls, prior lockdown their senior girls from the college were wearing Hijab and it wasn’t restricted. After they were stopped from attending the classes wearing the hijab, the girls started protesting outside the college, and to counter this, a group of Hindu boys and girls started wearing saffron shawls to oppose the girls supporting hijab and from there this outrage began. However the ABVP and RSS denied involvement in this outrage.

Side A

A group of people and right wing says Hijab should be banned in the college, as schools and colleges are places to come and acquire knowledge not to show your faith towards your religion and if they do not stop, Hindu boys and girls will also wear saffron shawls and come to attend the college.

Side B

The other side says supporting the protesting girls that it is their fundamental right to practice their religion anywhere in the country, and barring them from education is not right, and if they are banning Hijab, they will also need to make sure that bindi,  any form of religious threads, and turbans for Sikhs should also not to be allowed in the college premises. And this must be valid for public institutions in addition to schools, even people in the government wouldn’t be able to wear religious dresses.


Honestly, both the sides have their pros and cons, like when I discussed these scenarios with my mentors and friends they said that when they were in schools, they used to be worried about what we would get for lunch, how much marks they are going to get in the test, etc. but now, what we’ve been evolved to? We are taking away children’s precious access to school life and the right to education in the name of religion. Some may be used to wearing Hijab. It is not easy to get out of any habit, and it is their personal choice what to wear and what not to. Youth are the future of the country and playing politics in the name of religion with them will take the child and learning out of them.


Name: Khan Ahmed Faraz

Age: 18


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