I am not just a worker

I work in Sun, I work in cold
I work on my happy days, I work on my sad days

I work from morning to night
To get fed one time a day
I work for people, I work for me
I work hard till someone notices me

I put weighs on my head to built someone’s shelter
I work for that one drop of water to reduce my thirst
I am not just a labourer
I am not just a worker
I am the same you, among  you
Why always I get unnoticed?  Is it happen to all of you?

Don’t I need some rest Why no one pay me equal to my work
Why can’t I cherish  my happiness
Why don’t people  take  me as a human?

– Madina Bi Maqbool

I am Madinabi Makbool. I am a student. Currently in SYJC and simultaneously pursuing to be a football player. I am a reader and so I try to Involve myself in writing about the conditions which surrounds us.


2 thoughts on “I am not just a worker

  1. Nice so nice poem
    I wish you grow in all filled up 🤗🤗👋👋👋

    All the best👍👍👍👍👍


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