Reality of One Nation One Religion

Ever since the dawn of mankind there has always been a race for survival. Take extinction of Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis). Amongst the various Hypothesis on extinction of Neanderthals one of the thesis talks about a war between “Homo Sapiens & Homo Neanderthalensis” in the race of evolution. On the basis of that we can conclude that Modern Humans have and will always be a primitive animal to walk on face of the earth. All modern humans are known for is their self-destructive nature and hunger for power and hunger to survive at any cost.

Humans are the only known animal who has the ability to understand their surrounding and communicate in a constructive way. Despite of being this gifted, for an animal. Modern Humans have misused their ability in a every twisted way possible which defies all the principles (later found) of humanity! Humans not only managed to divide themselves on the basis of their colour, nationality, race, sex, gender & religion etc but also destroy the surrounding in the name of progress and development of mankind.

In addition to this I would like to further say that humans have divided themselves in a way that it will cost us humanity itself. The essence what makes us Human has been lost. We have built a concentrated wall around the people of same faith, declaring them as a human and people with other faith as roaches who crawl on the earth. Religious fanatics, white supremacy, extremism and manipulation of mind are the tool used by the authoritarian human being in the society to inflict fear and pain on earth for their own selfish gain. History is the evidence of how we as a human civilisation have failed over time and time again but we are so blinded by the lies and hollow beliefs fed to us since our births.

I couldn’t help but wonder if all the religious scripture knows how the world is going to end, and if one believes in that why don’t they come together. What one may consider a sin, other may consider it as blessing in disguise. Religious fanatics have failed humans time and time again. There are tons of example of how religious fanatics have fucked over humans and how they have gone against the very teaching of their religion just to prove their point and assert their power.

In Purview of the Constitution of India, everyone is deemed equal irrespective of their beliefs. However the reality is different. There is a cut throat competition on whose religion is the best, the Religion which shall rule the land. There has been quite enough example how a religious land is easily corrupted and resort to extremism. Humans are designed in a way in which their desires are endless and they are never satisfied. Take the example of German-Holocaust, where the one dictator felt it’s okay to put a people of a particular religion in a chamber and kill them with an intoxicating gas. Religion however is responsible for a betterment of human being and act as a guidance path but religious feelings involved with politics can cloud the morals and ethos of a person.

Culling of people from a different religion, Muslims In Gaza, civilians in 9/11, mob Lynching, execution of people who disagree in the name of protecting religion & all for what ? the idea of ruling over a land ? Muslim nation? Hindu Nation? Jewish Nation? If it were to be case the prognosis of which will only be devastating in terms of life loss!

Humans urge of being the prime and worshiped, religion is just an added value. Though the idea of religion was that of guidance to mankind for achieving salvation but modern humans have managed to twist the scripture in a way that promotes their monstrosity, indirectly they want the one to be feared of and not god. Humans in the name of religion have been culling each other as if others’ lives don’t matter. One of such example in human history is Salem Witch trials where the people on the mere suspicion of practicing witchcraft were hanged just because the religion says practicing witchcraft is unholy and the twisted mind of Human to inflict the fear in mind of people. Every religion in the world has blood on their hands. Being a follower of a religion, I have seen how the Humans have managed to divide people within a religion just to feel superior. In spite of all these differences and culling of humans on the basis of their beliefs can never be ruled out as long as humans do not come together and start believing in co-existence.

Humans have come up with idea of “One Nation, One Religion” keeping in mind that people of one religion should be allowed to live in a land and no else so that no particular from their religion is persecuted and for a time I believed that it can be a good option. But since I began to develop interest in world the conclusion I have arrived upon is that even if we as humans managed to do that, there will still be discrimination and culling of people because of the sects within religion I mentioned above. Every religion has different sects within. Their way of worshipping Gods are different. So, the idea of One Nation One Religion is very unrealistic and if someone managed to do that it will involve human rights violation and loss of human lives. And it will later promote extremism, which will never bring any good.

Religion is the most beautiful thing yet the most dangerous thing. When people from a particular faith hand their religion to a particular preacher or politician that is when things start becoming difficult. I for one believe that people should discover their religion by themselves rather than letting someone guide them away from the very religion they wanted to be a part of. For instance, people burning public property and causing damages to the clubs, theatres etc because of the reason such as political unrest, joke, difference of beliefs is just termed as an outrage or the people were upset. But people from different faith destroying a religious place and shrine, temples, mosques, churches are appreciated and is considered as an important factor of achieving nationalism through religion.

Violence is never a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, I would like to conclude that, we humans have divided ourselves since the dawn of times. We have divided the earth in boundaries and we bomb each other as if we have another spare planet for colonisation. We are the last of Human race and in spite of dividing ourselves it’s time for us to come together and co-exist. And we should try to practice and observe:

“For you is your belief, for me is mine.” & move on.

~ Maaz Pathan


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