Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory alleging that Muslim men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

I think this is going to be the next issue and political agenda for next coming years because nowadays the BJP government and the party members are doing such things they are creating the next HINDU KHATRE ME HAI mudda on this. After Triple Talaq, Article, 370, CAA, NRC, UAPA this will be new weapon for the government to oppress the MUSLIM’s community. This BJP government is trying everything to defame the Muslim in some of the state government are going to make law for LOVE JIHAD Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka all led by the BJP and there will be imprisonment for 5 years and non-bailable.

We all know in india we have freedom of religion Article 26 of the Constitution of India

Article 26 (Freedom to manage religious affairs)

This Article provides that every religious denomination has the following rights, subject to morality, health, and public order.

  1. The right to form and maintain institutions for religious and charitable intents.
  2. The right to manage its own affairs in the matter of religion.
  3. The right to acquire the immovable and movable property.
  4. The right to administer such property according to the law.

By doing such things this BJP led government is trying to take this right from the citizen of the country And mainly they are targeting Muslim youth there is no such thing like LOVE JIHAD its a personal decision any one can make their own choices in life. This is against individual freedom. It’s just a conspiracy led by right wing ideology.

This is the reality, no credible evidence 14 cases are compiled in the last 2 years and half of them 7 cases are closed there is no such thing like LOVE JIHAD in those cases.

But way..?? Government wants this law especially to regulate love because LOVE is the only thing in any nation which unites the nation. if the country is unite this BJP government will fail to propagate HINDU-MUSLIM politics and they know this same britisher did with our country divide and rule policy.

The new generation of the country most of them don’t believe that inter caste and inter religion marriages are wrong nowadays because people know their freedom. If an adult boy and girl wants to marry each other no one can stop them by doing so. So the society, government and religious leaders want this control over people so they can regulate them with their mind set And gain political support from right wing because in INDIA majority of people still have the same mind set that inter caste and inter religion marriages are wrong.

So many places in INDIA people think inter caste or inter religion marriages are wrong but it’s a person’s personal choice and individual freedom. Government is trying to divide the country more and more. They are promoting such ideology that inter caste or inter religion marriages are wrong. We will make a law against inter caste or inter religion marriage so this will mean now the government will decide who will marry who. Government is trying to take this freedom from citizens and they are trying to control the religion of the citizens of the country which is against the article 25-28 of indian constitution.

This BJP led government is just doing HINDU-MUSLIM politics like they always do so I think we should oppose this law and make some social awareness. Don’t divide the country in the name of religion it will affect the diversity of the country and don’t spread hatred in the community. We all have freedom in this country, don’t let them snatch our freedom.


My self Mustafa Mulani I am graduate. I’ve never written anything earlier. But now i think after joining Urooj I will continue writing more articles.


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