What’s the correct age of marriage- 18 or 21? 

Some people support the change of age of marriage to  21 years  and some oppose it.  it has became a controversial topic. In my opinion, I think it’s a good opportunity for girls who want to become something and create recognition for themselves  as they can complete their education. Most girls are not allowed further education after their marriage at 18 years of age. So I think that marriage age should be 21 as the motto line of “beti bachao, beti padhao” will come in practice. It can also lead to progress of Indian women and our country too.

This practice may lead to an increase in literacy rate. It is not as if the youth is expecting to marry at an early age in spite of being dependent on their families for everything and not a responsible adult. If the daughters of India have equal rights then why are we constantly trying to make them think that they are not equal to men. Why are we always forcing them to do everything and not asking them what they want? 

Why is age for marriage for boys 21 and 18 for girls?  The age limit of 21 for marriage gives the girl a chance to complete her education and find a good job. Girls are rising in businesses sectors and entrepreneurship and proving their capability. Change begins in our thoughts. Our big fight is with our inner thoughts. So think wisely and be the good change first. Thank you. 


Author: Nayla Ansari


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