As we all know the age of marriage for a girl was 18  and now it’s 21 . In my opinion , I think it is a good decision as the girls get an opportunity to complete her education, which they couldn’t do in the age limit of 18. As the society is so regressive that they want a girl to risk her life by marrying a guy at age of 18 and bear the man’s domination. Reports say that girls commit suicide because of harrasment by husband. Why is the world quiet?

The girls have no place to stay . This is such a shame that we say beti baachao beti padhao and not practising that. The age limit of 21 for marriage gives the girl a chance to complete her education and find a good job which will allow her to buy a house. The girls are rising in sectors like businesses and entrepreneurship. The best example is, Vineeta Singh founder and CEO of sugar (cosmetics) company. She is an amazing Entrepreneur. Recently she was in shark tank India as an investor. The world will change seeing such women in our country. Marriage should not stop a girl’s education . 

What else can we see after changing the age to 21 from 18? The percentage  of marriages before 21  should go low. If it  is illegal how can we find those Illegal marriages? The government should help those cases. 

The conclusion for this topic is that age is just a number if the society is literate. They will let the girl make her own future without any insistence of marriage as they play a main role in our country. The Motto is beti baachao beti padhao, and we will prove it right. Women and men are equal and will stand joining shoulders . BE THE CHANGE …


Name: Shaikh Kamil

Age: 18


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