Muslim women never saw hijab as a cage , they say its our pride and beauty. They wore it to protect their body from evil eyes. Then why is this world playing such a victim card?  As we know it’s a tradition in all religions including Hindus where women wear pallu (scarf to cover their heads and sometimes face). 

As we now know that the hijab controversy was in a girl’s college. What the point is that they can wear hijab outside the school premises and remove it in school or in the classroom. The girls protesting against are being manipulated by some political groups. The Muslim groups giving money to such students as they are protesting makes the current situation more worse. Why is our country focusing on such silly topics? News channels, WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms are spilling venom on our minds.  

What’s the conclusion to this topic? As far I see we debated on such a topic and the points came out were, why are girls not choosing education as their first right rather than hijab? Why the college doing nothing  about the mobs shouting Jai shree ram on a Muslim girl? Why political parties play such dirty game on basis of religion?  Why are we being manipulated by such news channels or videos? 

Hijab is a girl’s right but it shouldn’t come in as a hurdle to their education !


Name: Shaikh Kamil



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