As we know, the minimum age of marriage for girls was 18 and now the government has  proposed this thing that says the girls’ marriage age must be increased to 21 because the girls are not prepared mentally and physically to get married at 18. But their parents do their marriages by forcing them, even if they don’t want to marry or want to pursue their studies.  

And currently it has become a controversial topic where some people support the 21 age amendment… And some oppose it and say it will not affect anything in a girl’s life.

But the point is – what A GIRL wants, no one talking about that. And why in india from whatever religion you belong to, marriage becomes a big issue? 

So first we must understand what the problem is and then take proper initiative. Age is not a problem because as per the law girls can get the right to choose if they want to marry or not but  girls and their parents  are  still not aware of  their rights. So the point is the government should spread awareness first of the rights girls have in the constitution before focussing on the age of marriage.


Name: Shaikh Ayaan

Age: 18


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