Marriage is not just a ceremony of two people’s life, it’s a connection between the life of two people, their future, and also an association of their families.

If we talk about the right age to get married, many people will have different opinions, but does their view about the right time to get married justify everyone’s situation?

If the age limit of marriage is set to above 18 years, and if there is a girl who wants to complete her graduation, but her parents want her to get married. Now here the discussion can come like “Its the girls choice whether she wants to get married or not.” But here in India, it doesn’t work that way, because in rural areas if the girl crosses the age of 18, parents start forcing the girl to get married without completing 12th std or basic education. The girl may not be mature enough to decide what is wrong for her and what is right, and if it is wrong, what she can do to get out of it legally.

In many villages, many people do their daughter’s marriage right after she crosses her age 15, because they face financial issues and think that one day she is going to get married to someone then why not now? Early pregnancy is dangerous for both the young woman and the child to be born. 

Nowadays, the female youth are so much enthusiastic about their careers, entrepreneurship, business, etc.  Many women are now millionaires and billionaires, an increase in the past 10 years. 

Maybe deciding the right age to get married is too debatable because there is another side to every story. What if the girl wants to get married early? In each case whether the rule is 18 or 21, the sufferer will be the girl only, so educating parents will help masses of people. The government must do such initiatives and schemes to educate people. 

In my opinion, here instead of discussing the right age to get married for a girl we must take a stand for educating parents about women’s empowerment, like the girl is not born to get married one day and have babies. It should be her personal choice when she wants to get married.


Name: Khan Ahmed Faraz

Age: 18


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