To ensure the safety of women should be the responsibility of everyone. If there is no safety, women are not allowed to travel and their movement is restricted. The bhaigiri atmosphere on the roads makes it unsafe for girls and also for boys.


  1. Bhaigiri Atmosphere, beating up people and using abuse against anyone.
  2. No streetlights on the MM Valley Road to new Kabrastan where many women go for a walk. Many bikers do rash driving here at night
  3. Drug is openly available in Charni pada, Sri Lanka, Dargah Road and near Bypass toll naka


  1. Night patrolling on the streets for women to feel safe
  2. Street Lights on MM Valley Road and near Mittal ground
  3. Women friendly police stations
  4. Strict action to stop drugs selling and bhaigiri
  5. Social awareness and strict action against men and boys who make it unsafe for the women in Mumbra.

We are hopeful that you will accept our demands. We will work with you towards creating a Mumbra that everyone feels proud of.

About Author

Myself Shaikh Sufiya Sameer, I’m currently a student of BLS . LLB.Im passionate about football and also im a member of parcham.

I am Ansari Nayla
Currently, I am pursuing my 3rd year of BSc. Home Science. I m very enthusiastic and love sports, also I am learning and exploring new things and happy to come up with good ideas. I have an interest in food quality and control and I want to become a Dietician.


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