As we all know the benefits of recreation in all aspects of life. It helps in our physical,
emotional, and mental health. It also helps for a good and refreshing start to the day.
Mumbra is very crowded and there are hardly any play areas for children or sports grounds for young people or gardens for the elderly.

Below is the garden outside Shirin Villa that was in disrepair. In 2014, we wrote to the Add
Commissioner to make it usable by fixing the gate and cleaning up the overgrown weeds.

Within one week, the garden was cleaned and being used by children.

In the process of road widening, again the garden has been destroyed and is now used for parking.

The garden in Shankar Mandir is also in a state of disrepair.


  1. The Mumbra DP has marked reservation for parks, drama and cultural centre. They should be constructed.
  2. Gardens should have open air gyms, picnic tables and security guards who should take strict action against those who break the play equipment.
  3. Proper maintenance of cleanliness, cemented dustbins in all gardens, parks and public places.
  4. All schools should have an open ground
  5. There should be seating available on pavements and gullies, with some seats reserved for
    women and elderly.
  6. New Gardens should be made for gardens which have been broken down for road widening
    (Darul Falah garden which had 100s of kids coming to play every evening)


The area under the King Circle Flyover in Mumbai was constructed to make a walking and jogging track with plants and a seating place for everyone. We request similar construction under the flyover near the bypass.
Gyms in Garden
Horniman Circle Garden in Mumbai has cemented tables and benches where students come to study
The TV screen should be used for public service messages like – do not destroy public property. Take care of your surrounding. These messages should be in Urdu, Hindi, and English. These screens should be put up near the station, near the Talao, near the Bypass, at the Petrol Pump, at the Dargah gate.

The Fatima bi Savitri bai ground for girls should be made into a sports ground as a priority. Currently, men working on the construction sites and nearby shops are coming inside for open defecation. Inside the thick weeds, many addicts sit together doing drugs. Security guards and a gate should be put in place to stop this and make it safe for the girls to play.

The  Mumbra DP has a reservation of a DRAMA CENTER which should be constructed on a priority.

Please refer to the DP map attached.

About Authors

Hi! I am Madinabi Makbool. I am a student. Currently in SYJC and simultaneously pursuing to be a football player. I am a reader and so I try to Involve myself in writing about the conditions which surround us.

Hi! I am Kamil shaikh. I am a civil student currently in TYCE and also pursuing to be a footballer. I love hiking, exploring and I am a sci-fi reader.


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