Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. As we all know a good
health is very important. But here in Mumbra, the scenarios are saying a different story, We
observed that there is insufficient Government Health Facilities.


  1. Improvement needed in existing Public Health Centers (PHCs) (which are stated in the
  2. Proper sanitation is not done at PHCs and other public places.
  3. Running Sewage in front of Universal Hospital and near Bilal Hospital.
  4. The number of Private Hospitals are more than Public Health Care Centers. (only two
    PHCs in Mumbra)
  5. Private hospitals charge lots of money.


  1. TMC Hospital should be inaugurated as soon as possible with all the facilities including
    diagnostic check-ups at government rates. The hospital should be managed by TMC only.
  2. At least 1 pediatrician (child doctor) should be available 24*7 in Government hospital
    and PHCs.
  3. Generic Medicine Centers should be available in Mumbra.
  4. More Ambulance needed.
  5. Outreach services for girls through Anganwadi program.
  6. Regular inspection at Hospitals without prior notice to see whether the officials are on
    their duty or not.
  7. Public Surveys should be done to know whether the services are being delivered to public
    or not.
  8. Strict action to be taken against unqualified doctors who are practising in Mumbra.
  9. Cleanliness at Public Places and Hospitals should be given upmost priority.
  10. Publicise and create awareness of government health facilities, because people don’t even
    know government schemes related to health.
  11. We want awareness program related to vaccine as there are many rumours which scares
    peoples from taking vaccines. Also action should be taken against people who are making
    fake vaccine certificates.

About Author

I am Ayaz Cherikal Kunnatail. I am a student, currently, in D-pharmacy 1st year, my dream is to be a professional footballer and to play football in Indian national team.

Hi, Myself Khan Ahmed Faraz, currently I’m studying 12 science From AKJC, I’ve in-depth knowledge and experience in animation and graphics, I’m an enthusiast about learning and exploring new things.


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