‘Expectation’. Big word. Expectation is a very personal concept. However when it comes to more important aspects like the public welfare and the society one lives in, expectations of most people are pretty similar. I do not write as a critique today. I write as a citizen. Because I, an Indian Muslim woman am a part of this country and this country is a part of me. If I am asked today whether or not I am satisfied as a person, I’d say I am. But if I am asked whether or not I am satisfied as a CITIZEN, I’d say I am not. I live in a democratic country. The country whose constitution was penned by patriots and social reformers like Baba Saheb. Given that, today I see the same democracy that was built on revolution, justice and freedom being shredded down. Shredded down as per the convenience of hate mongering politics. A country that was once known as ‘sone ki chidiya’, reduced down to a land of discordance.

Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. 

The very first page of the Indian Constitution, The Preamble. We solemnly resolved to constitute India into these powerful concepts. And by ‘we’, I mean EVERY citizen of this country irrespective of their race, caste, class, sex, gender, religion and political, educational and economical statuses. The motto that the government was originally built on – ‘to the people, for the people, by the people’ has lost all meaning. People are not a part of decision making anymore. ‘Politics’ has taken over ‘Polity’ and human rights have been heavily violated in the due process. Without going into the lengths of democratic, political and human rights violations that have been committed in this country, I wish to point out that human lives are at stake here. People are losing their loved ones over mere political agendas of the rich and the powerful. 

I could go on and on about the corruptions, crimes, social and economic stratifications, social inequalities and political propaganda coursing through the air of this country. But that is common knowledge now. And this is exactly what I ask from the people running this country. To understand the alarming rate of normalization of these atrocities that have taken place due to governmental negligence and interpersonal motives. My expectations are a very small part of the millions of expectations and hopes that each citizen holds. It might be impossible to meet every expectation but it is not impossible to give to the people what is rightfully theirs. 

Expectations are a natural state of mind and action. And a very important point that cannot be overseen here is that it is a ‘two way’ road. As citizens it is our duty to not forget our responsibilities. With expectations there should come a strict sense of responsibility and belonging. While patriotism and nationalism are bigger words, each person of this country should do the bare minimum that is expected. 

For eg- Abiding by the laws, protecting the environment, safeguarding public property, promoting harmony and a sense of brotherhood.

In short, complying with our Fundamental Duties.

All I really and deeply expect from the people in power is to put themselves in the shoes of every middle and lower class person. 

Into the shoes of every member of the lgbtqia+ community. 

Into the shoes of every woman.

Into the shoes of every minority on this land. 

Into the shoes of the underprivileged.

Into the shoes of every person who is denied justice and equality as promised.

India is as much theirs, as it is that of every other citizen.

To end with, I would like to quote a few lines from a poem by Gulzar Sahab:

“Samman mera, virsa mera

Lauta de mujhe, yeh hissa mera

Yeh Hind hai, Hindustan mera”


Hey! My name is Umam. I’m a student, currently in my second year. I’m an avid reader and adequately opinionated. My love for writing is motivated mainly by social and political happenings around me. I always look forward to learning new things!


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