I , Alban Asif Dalvi, am an Indian, a Maharashtrian, a Muslim, a student and yet an individual. Likewise, we all have different names, religions, status, language, region etc., but despite of all that separators around us we still call ourselves INDIAN. As a responsible citizen of this country, I feel it is my constitutional right and duty to express my emotions and stand against something which is immoral and biased.

India began its race for becoming a strong and completely developed nation at international level from the moment it got independent. I said ‘Independent’, because it was the first time for the country and its people to represent themselves as they were. there were no Kings or foreign government to  exploit them. But one thing that was left behind; were Gods. And today, we witness or rather I say experience the consequences of that. When the government confuses the majority of its people and make them believe, by using the ideology of religion, that they have more rights over others and they are the true sons of soil so they deserve to live on the surface of this nation, agitates them against the minorities then it is the first step towards Genocide.

The practice of ‘Divide and Rule’ has been carried out in this country since the era of British, and it still works. When the victory of Ram Mandir was in the hands of hindus while the muslim, without going against the order of the supreme court, accepted it peacefully, BJP government could not stand it. They needed something to break the bonding among the people so they introduced CAB and NRC which are direct threats to human rights. The taxpayer citizen of the country is asked whether he/she can prove his/her citizenship. If he isn’t the citizen then what gave you the right to take tax from him on a yearly basis. Those who weren’t that educated agreed to this preposition and those who have earned degrees knew what was at stake. They haven’t targeted a particular community but a whole bunch of people to whom they were accountable to. Those who asked too many questions. Those who fought for their rights and justice. And when they saw that many of their own community are standing with them, that the ideology of divide by religion wasn’t working, they threw another bomb among them: Rightist and Leftist. Now we are divided on the basis of our ideologies. In a brief definition, Rightist are the ones who are strict fundamentalist and Leftist are those who share liberal thoughts. Right may not always be right but the Left are always left behind. Left, in our case to be specific, are considered as sinners, impure blood, traitors and if a person does not repeat your slang then he doesn’t deserve to live on this land. Are we living in the age of vikings?

Media sure does plays an important role to provide masses the information they need to know, but shows only what they want them to know. Journalist has just became another name for government agent. A professional journalist mustn’t decide what is right or wrong or who should the people support, he doesn’t even have the right to justify on the behalf of the government. He just have one job which is to deliver the truth to the people. But these government agents are just reading what they are told to, get their paycheck and doesn’t bother if they have created but a chaos in the country. Someone trying to protect his right by doing a peaceful protest is an act of anti-nationalism according to them. But they are confused between anti-national and anti-government. If a person were to oppose a government policy, then he is anti-government but if someone attacking that individual, who is using his rights, is an anti-national. That is because he has violated the democratic right of another person which makes his actions unconstitutional and anti-national.

‘Someone trying to protect his right by doing a peaceful protest is an act of anti-nationalism according to them.’ “they are confused between anti-national and anti-government”

Since the ruling of BJP, a lot of policies have come into action but nothing progressive can be traced in the poor section of the society. For instance, the ‘Make in India’ policy gives a whole better platform for new entrepreneurs and business owners but why are the number of unemployment is still increasing in lakhs every year then? This policy resulted as a profit for the firm which were already settled in the business industry. They blame youth and students for not focusing on studies and participating in aimless protests. But what else do they do? Unemployed wants what they were promised and students wants hope that they don’t end up like the jobless people in the society. That’s the reason why they are protesting. As soon as people starts to make sense out of politics our so called politicians plays the dirty politics. Attack the voice of the nation so nobody dares to speak again. This so much reminds of the time when Savitri Bai Phule began teaching girls and ignorant people started throwing stones at her.

Speaking of the businessmen, they have decided on whose side they are. While they break their bread in the morning, which they are able to because of our money, they scheme to how to keep people poor. Since BJP came into existence, rich became more rich while the poor are eliminating them selves by suicide. The rich are exploiting the poor in the same way in which the Britisher did. The question is, when are we going to realize it? We spend our income in a way which adds to their profit. We need to educate ourselves.

According to India Today News, approximately half of the MPs elected in 2019 Lok Sabha election are declared criminals. 233 MPs out of 539 winners have criminal cases against them, which is an increase of 44 per cent since 2009. The cases include murder, rape, house trespass, robbery, corruption, crime against women, hit and run, kidnapping etc. Can’t we just think for a moment that in whose hands we have given our justice system. Their justice works like this: if a rapist belongs to a poor family then hang him but if he belongs to a political background then he must fly out of the country until everyone forgets. But the families never forgets nor does the victim. The best way to hide their crime is to engage people in a conflict among themselves.

Country’s economy is dying with the farmers while Ms. Smriti Irani, Union Cabinet minister of India, says that our PM Modi is the best economist in the world. Petrol rates in India stood at 75.69₹ per litre in New Delhi, 78.28₹ per litre in Kolkata, 81. 28₹ per litre in Mumbai and 78.64₹ per litre in Chennai. Far beyond as promised by PM.

What is our image in front of the world? Do these criminal politicians left us any reason to show ourselves proudly as an Indian around the world?


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